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Is Covid-19 A Retribution From On High?

 For believers during a 'Higher Power' of whatever hue, there must be times when one wonders if that celestial body ever loses patience with what goes on below.

Is Covid-19 A Retribution From On High?

Simply envision that said substance, in the wake of making an otherworldly blessing simply like the planet Earth, scoffing at the simple sight of the exacted demolition made by the cutting edge human rulers.

So picture if you'll, the world designed to be the epitome of perfection, with deep blue oceans, crammed with cleansing marine life, corals, and fauna.

The lavish green fields and backwoods, and authentic play area for creatures of every sort to skip around and duplicate in. Also, a sky affectionately painted in an interminable pastel of blue. The Sun has positioned to cascade the planet with daytime light. Its health-giving rays a source of energy, vitamins, and radiation to market the essential growth of Earth's flowers.

Then to supply a twist of gaiety, brightly colored birds added to soar free upon the thermals singing and chirping their own sweet song.

Creepy crawlies of every kind, likewise taking their pleasure by cleaning and trimming the land, while utilized by 'The unstoppable force of life' as her little mailmen of dust to treat the enthusiastically anticipating blossoms.

Finally, the planet came man and woman in human form. By reason, they were first made humble, presented as only another species on this immense sphere of heaven.

But humans had not been created as equals, faraway from it. They were enhanced in their powers, by featuring highly dexterous hands and a strong brain, capable of ever wider thought and development. The human, by design, was destined to evolve, blossom, and ultimately achieve mastery over the earth.

Indeed blossom they did over countless centuries. Through trial and error and with the utilization of ingenuity, human's conquered the humanities of cultivation, husbandry, and propagation. This set them aside from other species, now they might not only create food but store it for when needed.

In this manner, people could focus their ground-breaking minds on an ever-more extensive scale. However, after some time, the human push for world improvement started to lose its direction. Progress got bent into the quest for bogus divine beings called cash and force.

The simple basics of life as initially created for beauty, necessity, or utility, were becoming abused within the pursuit of profit. truth purpose of evolution becoming corrupted by neglect, or as a mere fatal accident to man's short-term objectives.

So by now, the believers within the 'Heavenly Body', shouldn't be criticized for wondering if a number of the world's disasters of nature, weren't in some form an early warning of displeasure as afflicted from on high?

The words: "Try not to search after the best excessively far people!" Coming to mind.

But such actions within the past were predominantly a regional issue, whereas now the life-threatening pollution and abuse circumvent the planet. These unique blue seas are currently flooded with garbage. the lavish green fields and woods ravaged for minerals, or stripped bare to return ever-greater profits for 'The Man'.

Initially, human pioneers were men of vision who sustained the land while expressing gratitude toward it for its gifts. Such men of astuteness have now unfortunately gone, and in their place sit shut disapproved of men of money, anxious for influence, and guided into riches.

Some notably worthless caretakers, through lack of intellect, or just barren of interest, actually lay sermons to the sweetness of power and wealth. With heads held high and puffed out chests, they espouse how the last word value of the planet is calculated within the monetary depiction of an extended line of zero's on a display screen.

So with all things considered, who would blame the 'Higher Power' looking down on such worthless views to require some action? How can such men of power, deaf, dumb, and blind to reason, be made to ascertain that they're dragging the planet down the incorrect path?

Subtle warnings of the past have come and gone without effect, Mother Nature has displayed her power in many sorts of recent years, but no change of direction appears forthcoming.

Has the opportunity, in the long run,

 come when a 'Last Warning' from a place of incredible authority is normal? 

I without a doubt can nearly hear the words from the sky...

"Send within the Covid-19!"